How Super Was the Martial Arts SuperShow?

Many of us have participated in tournaments, seminars, and workshops, but have you ever attended a martial arts business event? Earlier this month I attended my first Martial Arts SuperShow. I wanted to learn more about the business side of martial arts, and the SuperShow seemed to offer exactly what I wanted.

The SuperShow is the annual conference presented by a partnership of the Martial Arts Industry Association and Century Martial Arts. It combines business-themed seminars on attracting, retaining, and developing students and teachers, with physically-oriented training by well-known martial arts and combatives instructors.

What really sealed the deal for my attendance, however, was the prospect of two of non-business seminars. The head of Krav Maga Global (KMG), Eyal Yanilov, was scheduled to teach a three hour session on one day, and a separate one hour session on a second day. The chance to train personally with Mr. Yanilov was too good to pass up!

My plan for blog posts during the next few weeks is to share my SuperShow experience with you. I will write at least one post about training with Mr. Yanilov. I will also render my many pages of notes into a series of posts with tips for martial arts school owners and instructors.

Although I am not currently a school owner or instructor, I learned many aspects of the business that may be useful to those of you who do own schools or who teach martial arts.

Overall, I greatly enjoyed my SuperShow experience. I am interested in returning next year, but the need to coordinate my schedule prevents me from signing up too early.

Did you attend the SuperShow? What was your experience?


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